Scott Avante CEO

Scott is Avante’s founder and finds himself split between all our locations. He provides direction and leadership for the organisation whilst still finding time to enjoy a surf. Scott manages Avante Medical and is extremely passionate about IT in the health care space.

Veronica Group CFO

As Avante's CFO, Veronica manages our strategic and financial position across the group, she also plays an active role in the day to day management of the business.


When Heather isn’t snowboarding in the winter months, she is gliding through complicated IT issues and taking on new challenges.


Kelvin’s high-level micro-skills in computer games such as Starcraft and Diablo enable him to solve IT problems extremely quickly. As an engineer and a gamer, his attention to detail in high pressure situations ensures everyone wants Kelvin to be a part of their team.


When Achala isn’t competing in PC gaming competitions, he is making strategies to increase his IT knowledge and being invested in new activities.


Govinda is an out of the box forward thinker and loves to dive into any challenge which he can be fully invested into.


When Sunny isn’t watching a new TV series or movie, he's keen to learn and experience new technologies and growing his IT skills.


Amir is relatively new to Australia and his experience has proven to be a great asset. Amir knows more about Microsoft than its founders, well he certainly demonstrates great knowledge and willingness to learn.


Joel focuses on providing operational and strategic IT services and projects for both our mid-market and enterprise customers. Joel splits his time between Australia and the UK. An avid enthusiast of all things tech, Joel is widely regarded as Avante’s very own walking and talking technology Wikipedia.

Chris F

Chris is a typical Aussie with an interest in a whole range of sports. At work he is a total all-rounder who writes the company newsletter, assists in matters finance and admin, and even sometimes moonlights as the office cleaner.


David is a proven sales champion and also loves to sculpt. David’s direct, spirited individual style yields many prospects and has attracted many new customers to the business.

Alex Z

Alex can wrestle any IT issue out of a tight spot. After putting these IT issues into a head lock, he spends his spare time teaching his fancy wrestling moves.


Phil provides operational management for our professional services, managed services and service desk divisions. Phil is an avid technologist coming from a background of technical and managerial roles in organisations as prominent as Microsoft.


Julian has the fastest phone reflexes and is our loudest service desk team member. Julian is enthusiastic for solving problems and getting the job done quickly. A fast worker who also enjoys fast food.


Guy is happy chap on the service desk but even happier when the Swans have had a big win. Now retired from distance running, Guy just enjoys the hard yards and kicking IT goals.


Prateek apparently is a trance aficionado and also likes to try all sorts of food without ever cooking it. His work tempo goes at a solid beat whilst cooking up high quality IT customer service.


Suzy leads our sales team and manages many of Avante’s Sales and Marketing activities. Suzy is a natural at making those she communicates with at ease by being a good listener, by having a laugh but remaining practical and professional.


Ilo once dreamt of being a spacecraft engineer and has mastered skiing down the slopes. For now his feet are on solid ground providing the best on-site service for our clients.


Bobby is a happy and bubbly person around the office and has developed his technical skills intensely throughout recent times. Bobby enjoys the daily communication with our clients at various Avante serviced locations. He has also a great reputation for his participation at many Avante Social gatherings.


Maria is an energetic and most dedicated sales executive who is totally committed to ensuring that the people she speaks to are receiving the highest level of customer service in IT support. Maria enjoys her morning walk with her pooch on Bondi Beach.


Nicky’s spare time is split between movies, computer games and driving his car fast. A gun at black ops apparently, no covert operations at Avante but definitely shooting for IT success.


As one of our Senior Consultants, Daniel brings the highest attention to detail and leads his team in a relaxed and professional manner. Daniel enjoys a laugh, good food, a beer and sharing anecdotes of his travels to Croatia and abroad.


Hary is one of our friendliest IT engineers who is committed to give 110% to any IT requests he works on. When he isn’t saving the world of IT, he is riding his beloved motorcycle.


Damien is a highly knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of IT, especially exchange. Fuelled by a lot of coffee and IT experience, Damien leads his team remaining switched on. Sometimes rarely sleeping.


Rosh is one of our system network engineers who works closely on sites with our clients. With the same precision as his cricketing idol Sachin Tendulker, Rosh delivers great customer service and results, always with a smile.


When DJ Rhys isn’t at the gym or dropping the bass at a local nightclub or bar, he is keen to turn up the volume on his IT skills.


Sarah works in the hub of our admin office, dealing with accounts and fielding all staff questions and requirements. She communicates with our local and international contractors and books in jobs. Sarah is a passionate graphic designer who enjoys music and the inner-city scene.


Sandeep is one of the Avante Beagle soccer stars and enjoys many international sports. He is also known for cooking up nice food in the kitchen and heats up when demonstrating his networking prowess.


Antony is the manager of the service desk. Antony is a leader of style at work and even at the races. Antony is reliable and positive about his team, and will go the extra mile for his staff and customers alike.


Thompson is Avante's quirky resident plumber, locksmith, doctor, avocado assassin and so much more. Office all-rounder does not cover his skills. He also occasionally does IT work and eats rice!


Jamie once used to drive a tank. Now he is the driving force of the sales team targeting new sales opportunities for the Avante team.


Hendrik enjoys cycling around the city even commutes a significant distance to work. When it comes to IT matters he deserves the yellow jersey as a leader of the engineering pack and pedals hard to solve complex issues.


Adam can play piano and was once in a successful recording band. Whether keystrokes to solve IT problems or key boards to create the next tune, Adam is always on song to solve your IT problem real soon.


Pedro enjoys jet skiing and has competed in national tournaments back in Portugal. Nothing like a smooth ride across the waves and waterways. In IT Pedro also specialises in security and a fast ride to solving problems.


Tony is a laid back lad who likes to work out in the gym and doesn’t mind socialising down at the local. Not only does Tony push himself lifting weights he strives to solve complex IT matters resulting in a well-toned physique and a well-satisfied customer.


Navin comes from Fiji and enjoys watching and playing sport. Navin especially enjoys rugby union and is ready to get his head into Avante’s IT rucks and line-outs.


Sharif is passionate about IT and enjoys competing at high-level volleyball. Both demonstrate Sharif’s ability to work within a team, having a dig, providing an assist and spiking high to win the point.

Alex S

Alex has diverse interests ranging from salsa dancing, anime and wine tasting. Alex promises to cha-cha-cha through your IT issues and mambo to the best solution.


Shereen is vital to the daily running of the Avante business especially in areas of procedures, processes and procurement. Shereen enjoys yoga, dance, and once was a professional cheerleader. Shereen tucks, tumbles and vaults throughout her busy daily schedule.


Sevag is an IT enthusiast who has fit quickly into the dynamic Avante client service world. Sevag enjoys scuba diving, and like the future of IT, appreciates delving into the depths of the unknown.


Efe is proving his engineering know how to our UK clients. Efe lists gymnastics and playing football as his weekend pursuits. So whether solving your hardware problem, kicking a goal or mastering his apparatus workout, Efe aims for a 10 out of 10.


Elton describes himself as an IT aficionado and has worked previously as a systems administrator. With a South African background, Elton is naturally a Springbok and cricketing tragic. So whether attacking IT issues or Wallabies and All Blacks, Elton leads the pack to get the job done.


Nitin has many passions when not break fixing IT issues. He enjoys digging into movies, punk rock, heavy metal, nutrition and working on his fitness goals. If your head banging an IT Issue, Nitin will ease you to IT health & wellbeing.


Sheraz is a leader of innovation who heads up the 3verest part of the business and also enjoys cycling in his spare time. Sheraz is scaling new heights, keeping the wheels turning and is bound to become King of the Mountain.


Robert enjoys working and keeping up with new technology and recently ventured onto an archery range. Robert is using his IT weaponry to shoot down his daily issues and solution targets.


Ike works in our US sales team, enjoys jazz, salsa dancing and is taking surfing lessons. Ike has the rhythm, all the moves to ride the perfect wave to sales success.


Denis claims he was once a school lunchtime handball champion and first job was delivering pizzas. Denis has quickly become a IT support ace who now delivers great IT customer service instead of pepperoni & garlic bread.

Daniel H

Daniel H enjoys a good read, video games and even dabbles in producing a good home brew. Mix up Daniel’s helpful, intelligent and pleasant manner with his IT knowledge and you have bottled great customer service.


Ajay is an IT all-rounder who loves sport and has a passion to cook special Indian dishes. This one time chef has swapped chicken tikkas for solving IT solutions and great results are on the menu.


Brandon listed a Mexican resort as his favorite holiday destination and enjoys cooking a good steak. Brandon certainly doesn’t rest under a sombrero becoming one of Avante’s most productive engineers. Whether it is steak or coming up with a solution – it is generally a case of well done.


Emiliano is a typical Aussie guy who likes all sports including horse racing. An IT all-rounder who is prepared to go all distances, jump over IT hurdles and prepared to carry the weight to get the job done.


Liam enjoys working out at the gym and describes himself as a massive foodie. Whether learning new IT skills, solving an IT problem or picking an exotic dish, Liam is fit to tackle the problem and willing to settle the bill.


Narayan is a sales champion who describes himself as a visionary entrepreneur and even runs his own restaurant in his spare time. Whether it be exploring sales opportunities or just have a good conversation, Narayan has the tables set.


Elyas is a social and always smartly dressed guy who enjoys travelling the world. In his travels Elyas has gained and demonstrated his extensive IT knowledge and proving he is dressed for success.


Adrian is a keen technologist who also enjoys Rugby Union and UFC. Adrian has both a focus on the Microsoft Technology Stack and in sport, stacks on the mill.


Adam has vast experience working with enterprise clients and has also worked in web hosting. Adam enjoys comics, puzzles and card games. Adam has a full hand of IT tricks to solve your IT problems.


Steve is an unified communications specialist, an engineer who enjoys travel and considers himself an IT jack of all trades. Steve is prepared to go whatever distance to keep adding IT strings to his bow.

Winston and Chester

As the office pooches, their duties are to simply mooch around and keep the team company. Most of the time they are found sleeping somewhere around the office.