Avante was created to help businesses of any size with their technology. Everyday 100’s of our customers around the world rely on our services to ensure their business functions. We believe good IT is one of the great enablers in business.

We strive to provide businesses with the best technology, outsourcing, consulting and IT partnerships. We believe the best business IT is about the right mix of people, passion, culture, experience, technologies and process. Our board of directors is made up of successful business and IT professionals from Australia and the UK, so we never lose sight of our mission.

The IT world is constantly changing and improving

So our Avante Lab guys are constantly researching new developments and discovering new ways to help business through technology. We take only the best IT solutions and practices and prepare them for our customers. We are fiercely independent and never influenced by vendors.

We have small teams of experts located around the globe: in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and USA.

So no matter what time-zone you're calling from there's an Avante team member available to help.

We believe small teams are the key to both great communication and getting the the job done.

Our (well actually your) small teams will work in with our Service Desk team to ensure that all aspects of your service delivery are seamless and precise. End result is a service which is aligned with your business needs.

Avante can help your business IT no matter what your current resources

So if you're a small business with no IT resources, we can provide all your technology needs. From projects to support to management, Avante can be your complete business IT partner with things like: 24 x 7 support remote and on-site, IT management, planning, proactive monitoring, scheduled on-site visits, backup monitoring, projects, everything IT related really! Why not check out our services, Service Packs and Total Support?

Alternatively, if you're a larger business with your own IT department we can be there to help your IT manager to fill the gaps in resources, knowledge and experience with things like: Projects, additional resources such as staff, consulting, documentation, auditing, strategy, planning, help desk, monitoring, maintenance, site work, data centre, connectivity, security consulting, quality assurance, 2nd opinions, 24 x 7 hours, national and international support, systems implementation, equipment, rollouts and the list goes on!

We look forward to working with you!

We care deeply about our customers. Quality, understanding of your needs, attention to detail, ease-of-use, and usefulness are at the core of everything we do.” Scott Crawford, CEO