Avante Service Packs are the smart, low cost way to get your business I.T. sorted and worry free. And because its all pre-paid, there’s no contracts or hidden costs. Just great, fast and effective IT service.

With every Service Pack you get access to all of our fantastic IT and support services and just like Total Support, you get your own dedicated team. We have an Avante Service Pack to suit businesses of all sizes and budgets.

So How Does It Work?

Simple really. Just call your nearest Avante Team. We’ll meet with you in person, on the interwebs or on the phone to discuss your needs now and in the future. We’ll design you an elegant solution, tailored to your unique business needs and pair you up with the Avante Services Pack that’s right for you.

What do you get?

You get: your very own dedicated IT team

This way you always know who to talk to and we always know who we’re talking to. Your team use plain English unless you want to speak geek!

You get: support 24 x 7 world-wide

We are open around the clock, 7 days a week. So if you need support at 3am, we’re right there for you. Our offices are strategically located around the world so we’re never far away, no matter where you are.

You get: consulting and planning

We are always ready to provide advice and guidance on all matters IT. We’ll help you better utilise your technology, keep up with change and stay ahead of the competition.

So stop worrying about your I.T. Get an Avante Service Pack and get down to doing what you do best: your business!

There's an Avante Service pack to suit every business:

Basic Pack

20 pre-paid hours
Great for Small Business
AUD $3515
GBP £2300
EURO €2695
USD $3455

Intermediate Pack

    50 pre-paid hours
    Great for Bigger Businesses
    AUD $8140
    GBP £5400
    EURO €6522
    USD $8133

Power Pack

    100 pre-paid Hours
    Great for Serious Business
    AUD $15200
    GBP £9822
    EURO €12230
    USD $13650

Super Pack

    200 pre-paid Hours
    Great for Enterprise
    AUD $27223
    GBP £19022
    EURO €22677
    USD $25872

Service Packs cover all aspects of your business IT.

Proactive Support

This is where we do all the things to keep your IT running fast and effectively like:

Performance monitoring
We will monitor your servers, firewall and routers
Backup monitoring
We will check and make sure your back up works every day!
CPM (Constant Panoptic Maintenance)
Our CPM service is about a constant set of eyes on your network and systems, 24 hours a day, there to address any issues as they arise and ensure your technology is functioning optimally.
Regular reviews
We will meet with you regularly to discuss your network and systems
You can use your Avante Service Pack for any IT project.

Reactive Support

When something goes wrong we are there when you need us 24 × 7 with:

Phone support – 24 x 7
With near instant response.
Onsite support – 24 x 7
We can come to you.
Equipment support
If you have an IT problem our team will have it fixed before you know it!

Technology Management & Consulting

We really get to know your business so we can help you make the best IT decisions for your business. We believe IT is one of the greatest enablers in business today and are always available to help and guide you.