The world of technology is constantly changing and we always are on top of it. Here’s just some of the services available to our Total Support and Service Pack customers. For more information about what we can do for your business give us a call or drop in for a cup of tea! Scott Crawford, CEO
IT is a minefield and sometimes its good just to be able to call and check if a particular course is the right one, we provide this help to our customers every day.
Our auditing services cuts across the complete gamut of IT, and allows you to audit aspects of your technology and network to ensure they are performing optimally.
Need a data centre? We can provide co location services from a single rack units (RU) right through to multiple racks, we’ll make it so easy. You simply select the size and type of space you need and add any required services.
Government legislation is driving a growing demand for IT, financial and business compliance, Avante has a great deal of experience in this field and actively works with customers to ensure that they continue to comply, through a range of auditing and support services.
When it all goes pear shaped then you can count on Avante to be there in a flash to get you back up and running.
We don't call it a helpdesk as its more than that, its your pivotal interaction and escalation point at Avante. It’s operational 24 hours and is always there to help you with any issues, problems or requirements. We are strong advocates for Avante being that central point of contact for all IT issues, and then regardless of what vendor is ultimately responsible, we will work with them to get the matter sorted out. This is all part of the service; we take great pride in the quality and capability of our service desk.
Avante provides some of the finest high end hosting services, with customers such as IBM. Our hosting is focused around specialist application and server requirements. We provide a range of platforms from AIX to Intel to Linux. All hosting is delivered with its only fully manageable platform, security, bandwidth (1mbps to 1000mbps) backup, support and maintenance.
Avante can provide services to assist with IT implementations regardless of their size or location.
Avante partners with some of Australia’s leading IP providers to design, build, implement, manage and monitor business critical connectivity.
IT Consulting is about planning and strategy and providing consulting services around specific project and business requirements. Its about blending IT know how, business smarts, strategic goal consideration and planning.
We know and understand that for many organisations their size and complexity necessitates that they have their own IT department, and we have a range of services designed to compliment and assist.
Our CPM service is about a constant set of eyes on your network and systems, 24 hours a day, there to address any issues as they arise and ensure your technology is functioning optimally.
As important is the support and maintenance, IT management is the brains to ensure that the services are delivered intelligently and effectively.
Outsourcing comes in many different flavours, we can help in designing an IT outsourcing plan to suit your business.
We provide a comprehensive range of IT project planning and implementation services.
Avante provides a comprehensive range of highly flexible options in terms of support, this means we can deliver all levels of technical support both remotely and on-site, these are provided 24 hours a day globally across all our locations. Our support is provided and delivered on-site, remote and via the phone, so we are always able to help.
Avante blends virtualisation, intelligent storage, deduplication, converged networks to deliver state of the art environments. Resulting in more flexibility, lower cost and better utilisation.
Avante provides a broad range of managed services, we use this term to define any product or solution which is provided as a service by Avante, where Avante owns and manages any and all of the equipment required to deliver this service, there are no capital costs and our managed services model is based on a fixed price operational expense. The range of services is extensive and organic. Services include : Managed Email, AV, Anti Spam, Servers, Security, Managed Desktop, Hosted Exchange
IT is organic in nature and constantly changing, let us help you stay up to date with those changes.
Our Global Helpdesk can monitor your networks, systems and key equipment 24 x 7, with automated polling, and information logging. This enables effective reporting and management.
Avante offers a range of MPLS based private IP services, fully private, fully secure and fully featured. These can be provided across the globe, combining best of breed last mile connectivity with data centre, cloud and managed services. Services include: Point to Point Links, MPLS Clouds, Inter Country Trunks, Leased Lines, xDSL, Fibre Solutions, Ethernet Services.
We can assist you in selecting and sourcing the right IT equipment, we can then ensure its managed and tagged accordingly.
Avante provides a comprehensive range of IT security services, these include : security compliance, email security, VPNs, firewalls, secured remote access, single signon, application security, IDS and IPS, end point security.
We can help with a myriad of IT solutions – ranging from Virtualisation, Storage, Disaster Recovery, Backups, Hosted Environments, Replication, and Archiving.